Ignite Program Overview

Eclipse Ignite

Launch Your Business with Precision

Eclipse Scheduling is excited to announce the launch of a new program, Eclipse Ignite, designed to help aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs take their service provider-based businesses to new heights.

Eclipse Ignite

Who is a good fit for Eclipse Ignite

Early-stage service startups with innovative ideas and high-growth potential
Entrepreneurs who are passionate, driven, and willing to learn and adapt
Startups with a clear vision and understanding of their target market
Entrepreneurs that are open to feedback and willing to pivot their strategy if necessary
Startups that are interested in utilizing industry-leading technology to streamline their operations and achieve growth


Customized Learning Experience

Emerging entrepreneurs can gain the knowledge, skills, and mentorship needed to start and grow their business.

Accelerate Your Launch

Save time, resources, and frustration by learning from experts how to launch your service provider-based business effectively.

Expert Advice & Mentorship

Attendees learn from experts, network with peers, and receive ongoing support and resources from Eclipse Scheduling.

Aim for New Heights

Get a free one-year Launch subscription to Eclipse Scheduling's all-in-one platform for your business operations and growth.

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Monday – Friday
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How Can We Help?


    2 scholarships available ♦ historically underrepresented entrepreneurs ♦ underserved industries and consumers.
    Participants get a one-year Launch subscription for Eclipse Scheduling software to start with the platform.
    Summit cost: $2,500 per attendee, includes admission to all virtual sessions.
    Scholarships offer a 50% discount to the program.

    Eclipse Accelerator Program

    Program Details

    10-week virtual program led by industry experts and the Eclipse Scheduling team.
    Small cohorts of 10-12 participants for personalized attention and support.
    Regular meetings with virtual peer support groups and one-on-one sessions with the instructor.
    Hands-on training and demonstrations of Eclipse Scheduling's business support capabilities.
    Immersive learning experience combining expert guidance and practical insights.

    Eclipse Ignite

    Registration for Eclipse Ignite is now open!